2019-2020 Didwania and Jain Scholarship

We are pleased to inform you that students affiliated with the Hindu Satsang group will once again have an opportunity to submit their essay to qualify for the Didwania and Jain scholarships. Under each scholarship we will award a 1st prize of $600 and 2nd prize of $400 with a total of 4 scholarship awards this year.
Topic of the Essay:
Religion and values are the basic fundamental practices and beliefs that guide, motivate our attitudes and actions. Reflect on your experiences participating in Hindu Satsang and it's Sunday school activities. How have these experiences influenced your faith in Hinduism and helped shape your moral values?
Submission Due By: February 15, 2020
Kindly please submit your essay using the Google form link below. Submissions that will be emailed directly to me or to any of the teachers/volunteers will not be considered.
Google Form Link for Essay Submission:
2019-2020 Didwania and Jain Scholarship Essay Submission
In order for a student to participate, he/she need to meet the following requirements:
Didwania Scholarship Requirements:  
 1) Current or former Hindu Satsang Sunday School student who has participated for a minimum of 3 years. 
2) Currently in middle or high school. 
3) Previous winner can submit their essay, but there will be no repeat winners.
Jain Scholarship Requirements:
1) Current college student that is or has been associated to Hindu Satsang. 
2) Must be less than or equal to 21 years of age. 
3) Previous winner can submit their essay, but there will be no repeat winners.
Other Requirements:
1) Essay length should be 500-700 words in word document (not .pdf). Must have an introduction, body paragraph(s), and a conclusion. 
2) Essays must be the original work of the student. This means no help from parents or others.